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We sell Lecture Notes by week. From Week 2 - Week 4, to subscribe to the current notes is $29. From Week 5 - Week 9, the subscription is $34. During Week 10 and finals week, you can buy the notes by week for $4.We sell Archive and Current Lecture Notes. Archive Notes are Lecture Notes from previous quarters. Current Lecture Notes are notes taken for courses happening THIS quarter and is sold on a subscription basis. When you purchase a subscription at our office, we will give you a subscription card that we punch every time you come to pick up a set of notes. Each Monday, you can come back to pick up the previous week's notes. You may pick them up any time after Monday, however, Monday is the earliest we receive the previous week's notes and it is better to come earlier than later as we tend to run out (especially if the class is popular). If you purchase Current Lecture Notes during Weeks 2 4, it will only cost $29. After Week 4, the price will go up to $34. Starting Week 10, we only sell individual sets of notes for $4 each.

For Current Notes, click here. For Archive Notes, click here.