A.S. Lecture Notes Note Takers' Page

A.S. Lecture Notes

Job Description

The note-taker is responsible for attending all the classes for which he/she is hired. Further, the note-taker is responsible for producing clear, through, typed notes by specified weekely deadline in order for them to be reproduced for the service. The notes must be printed on Lecture Notes Letterhead and be ready for production when turned in. In addition, the note-taker is responsible for in class advertising to be deteremined by the manager. The note-taker is ultimately responsible for in class weekly contact with the professor's approval to take notes and is also responsible for delivery of notes, should it be requested by the professor.

Additional Responsibilities

It is the note-taker's responsibility to attend every class throughout the quarter, with the exception fo midterms and the final day of classes during the tenth week. Outside review sessions are not required but are recommended and you will be paid for them if you choose to provide notes. If the note-taker is ill or unalbe to attend a lecture, he/she must find a suitable replacement (i.e. teacher's assistant). All substitute note-takers must be pre-approved by the ASLNS managers. Any absence from class must also be cleared with the Manager. It is also the responsibility of the note-taker to get Professor Approval as soon as possible after they have been approved to be a note-taker. Finally, the note-taker must turn in a syllabus with their first set of notes and notify the Manager if anything on it changes that would pertain to our service. (i.e. no class, change in midterm date, etc.)

Futher, the note-taker must deliver the notes to a professor when that professor requests to recieve copies of the notes in lecture. It is the responsibility of the note-taker to pick-up notes from the office on Monday morning and to deliver them to the professor on Monday or Tuesday. The only notes that may be delivered after this time are the classes which meet before Monday at 9:30, when the notes come into the office. Failure to deliver notes in a timely manner will result in the docking of pay.

Finally, the note-taker is responsible for delivering a thank you note to the professor at the end of the quarter. Our service depends on professors allowing us to take notes for their classes and thus we want to make sure we keep them in our good graces!


Note-takers are responsible for in-class advertising, to be determined by the Manager. The least amount of advertising a note-taker is required to perform is a board announcement every week. Also, verbal announcements made by you or the professor are highly encouraged. Make sure to get Professor Approval before making verbal announcements. Remember, if you do not advertise and get enough subscriptions for your class it may be cancelled!


Notes are due every Sunday at 8:00am (you may turn them in earlier). They must be ready to be sent to the printers at this time. This means that the notes are printed from a computer printer (either laser or ink-jet), on a single sheet of white paper, and the first page of each lecture is ASLNS letterhead. Notes should be typed with the Times New Roman font, 12 pt. Notes should have a standard 1/2 inch margin on all sides. If any drawings, diagrams, graphs, etc. are drawn and then taped on to your notes, a photocopy must be made and turned in, NOT the sheet that has a taped picture on it. The printer will not accept it this way and you wil be reimbursed for the copying you do. Also, all drawings must be made with a fine point sharpie so they wil show up correctly on your notes.